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Switchboard Replacement Upgrade

Need a switchboard replaced or upgraded in Lara or Geelong?

The switchboard in your home is like the brains of your home’s electrical wiring. Once your switchboard gets too old, you will definetly need to consider upgrading or replacing it for these important reasons.

When a surge happens, the safety switch is triggered and gives you the ability to restore power when necessary.  This is a feature that is not present in old switchboards. An electrical safety switch is an essential part of modern day switchboards.

Our houses these days rely on many more appliances, smart devices and electronics to run than they ever did in the past. With our need for computers, air conditioners, TV’s, mircowaves, stoves/ovens, smart devices, stereos and more, it is crucial that your switchboard is able to handle the amount of electricity needed by the house. Symptoms of an insufficient power supply can be iscolated power outages and flickering lights.

Lastly but certainly most importantly older switchboards have a greater chance to short-circuit, which means this could pose the risk of the fuses catching fire or worse electric shocks. If your present switchboard still uses replaceable wires on the fuses, and has never been services or looked at then it is a safety hazard and needs to be replaced.

A replacement of your switchboard if old enough is really an investment in your home and family’s safety. We recommend you get an assessment done on your current switchboard as soon as possible. Don’t leave it too late to replace your ageing switchboard and get an assessment done today.

For a free quote on your switchboard upgrade or replacement in Lara Geelong simply complete the online enquiry form or call us and we will call you to arrange a quote on your switchboard upgrade.

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Appliance Installations – Kitchen Laundry and Bathroom

If you want an oven or appilence installation done right, and at right price then speak to us. It’s important that when you buy a new appliance such as an Oven that you install it correctly by a qualified electrican who can also ensure it is fixed in correctly so that the appliance can run smoothly and efficientlyt.

Be aware that sometimes applaince like dishwashers and ovens don’t have the usual power cord and plug and it may need to connect directly to the existing wiring in the house. Please don’t try and do this yourself and ensure you get us to advise you of the best way to install it safely. The electrical wiring installation has to also be done correctly around the plumbing, therefore we can help you with the removal of old appliances and safe and secure installation of the new ones.

We may also be able to advise you on your old appliances, if they just need parts, before you go out and spend a fortune on the new appliance. We can diagnose that issue of your kitchen appliances such as cook tops, stoves, ovens, dishwasher or the refrigerator and clothes dryer and provide you with the correct solution.

Dishwasher installation
Gas appliances, heating and cooking oven appliance installation
Electric Oven and cooker Installation
Range Hood Installation
Clothes dryer Installation
Heater installation

For complete household appliance installation and repair services, contact us today for a free quote.

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Garage Electrical & Security Camera Alarms

Whether it’s a new home garage or and existing garage, we can help you with your electrical fit out requirements. Do you need extra power points for you electrical tools? Or do you need us to install your security system in Lara, Werribee or Geelong, that you just purchased from the shops?

Ensure you have the right amount of power points and make sure you don’t overload power points with multiple adapters and attached power tools. Having the right lighting in your garage can also benefit you when work in your garage too. And when it comes to security systems, cameras and alarms then these are generally wired directly into the house with no power plug, so ensure you have a qualified electrician install it, tested and working.

We can help you with anything electrical when it comes to ensuring you have a safe garage environment. Contact us today so that we can help you with all your garage electrical needs.

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Install Lighting

Do you have a need to install lighting in your home, garage, garden or office around Lara, Geelong or Werribee to help brighten up the area? Whilst installing lighting might seem like a simple job, getting it done by an experience qualified electrician is still required by law. All electrical wiring and fixed electrical equipment must only be installed by a licensed electrician.

There are many options to choose when it comes to lighting and we can help you choose. The right lights can dramatically change the look of your home or garden. Lights can be used to illuminate a walkway or to lighten up your home’s street address at night, for security reasons. But get the right advice first and let us help you find the right low-voltage lighting solutions. There is also solar lighting products, which are easy to install and we can help there too.

Give your room a stunning new look and feel by adding lights. You don’t have to tear up your ceiling, but if you do need to get them hanging from the roof then get our professional advice first on safety and the best way to ensure your room looks good with your new lights too.

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TV Points

Do you need another TV point in your bedroom or cinema room? Extra TV points in the house can provide you with the ability to entertain the kids whilst you relax, or even make your family happy as they watch something else and you get to watch what you want to watch.

An additional television outlet point can usually be connected to your current antenna system, so there is no need to fiddle around with your antenna. We will assess with that is necessary but in most cases it’s not. We uses quality digital ready cable which reduces interference and produces outstanding picture quality. We can even check existing TV points and see if it’s necessary to update old or outdated cables that aren’t able to produce the quality necessary for the future of digital television.

If you need a new TV point installed anyway around Lara, Geelong or Werribee, give us a call and we can solve your viewing needs with clear reception.

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Ceiling Fans

Are you looking to cool down a room with the air flow provided by a ceiling fan? They can be a cheaper alternative to installing and running an air conditioner, but installing ceiling fans can be difficult and dangerous. Not only are the large and awkward to handle, but if not mounted correctly they could simple break off the roof and cause harm. Don’t take the risk and do it yourself.

Installing ceiling fans requires proper understanding of the circuitry leading into the room where you want the fan installed. You need to measure everything up, and potentially access the roof to see that there are no problems that could hinder the wiring or cause fires. Once everything is tested you must cut a hole in the roof, and ensure you can connect the fan and the lights up safely before operation.

To install a ceiling fan might seem like an easy job, however your should always consult a qualified professional Electrician first. If you would like a ceiling fan installed promptly around Lara, Geelong or Werribee areas, contact us today.

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Smoke Detectors

When an unexpected fire and smoke start it can be a properly functioning smoke detector that can alert you and save your life, and regular checks of existing detectors are important. This can usually be done yourself by pressing, the TEST button on your device. If you’re detector does not sound then you may either have a flat battery or it has lost circuit to the mains power. It’s then important to consult a qualified electrician to solve the problem and offer a solution, so that it works again. We recommend testing it every 1 – 3 months. Put it in your calendars.

If you are still only running a battery only device then you might want to consider the following legislation put in place for your safety.

Mains powered smoke alarms for new homes

Since 1997 it has been law, under the Building Code of Australia (BCA), to install mains powered smoke alarms in new properties and any existing properties that have undergone significant renovations. Qualified electricians should be aware of these requirements.

Mains powered smoke alarms within existing properties

From 1 October 2009 mains powered smoke alarms must be fitted in all existing residential buildings prior to sale and when a new tenancy agreement is signed for rental properties. If there are no tenancy changes in rental properties, then mains powered smoke alarms must be fitted by 1 October 2011.

These requirements are mandatory under the Local Government (Miscellaneous provisions) Act 1960 section 248 and the Local Government Act 1995 section 9.60, and the Building Amendments Regulations 2009.

While mains powered smoke alarms are the preferred alternative, smoke alarms with a non-removable ten year battery life are permitted in dwellings where the construction of the building does not permit a space to conceal the wiring and there is no other suitable alternative location or where mains power supply is not available.

Some important facts from the MFB website –

If you don’t have a working smoke alarm installed in your home, and a fire occurs:

  • You are 57 per cent more likely to suffer property loss and damage
  • You are 26 per cent more likely to suffer serious injuries
  • You are four times more likely to die

When you’re asleep you lose your sense of smell. A smoke alarm is your electronic nose. It will alert you if there is smoke from a fire. A small fire can grow to involve an entire room in two to three minutes. A smoke alarm provides early warning and time to escape.

Don’t put yourself at chance, and contact us so that we can help and ensure you have the correct device installed and working, anywhere around Lara, Geelong or Werribee areas.

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Safety Checks

Don’t take electricity in your home for granted. Electrical cables run inside the walls, and fuse boxes are often hidden away, making it easy to forget that these systems need checking over time. Electrical systems can deteriorate with use and there are several signs to look out for that indicate the age of your electrical system and we can search for them.

To ensure your cables, switches, electrical appliances, fittings and power points are safe for the family we recommend you periodically get safety checks done on:

  • Fuse Board
  • Socket Circuits
  • Lighting Circuits
  • Cooker Circuit
  • Garage & Out Buildings
  • Electric Heating
  • Mains Earthing to Gas Supply
  • Mains Earthing To Water Supply

This is especially the case if you have an older house. And at the end of our check will provide you with the results and if upgrades are needed we can recommend the best ones for you.

Protect your family and home today with an electrical safety check.

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