Switchboard Replacement Upgrade

Need a switchboard replaced or upgraded in Lara or Geelong?

The switchboard in your home is like the brains of your home’s electrical wiring. Once your switchboard gets too old, you will definetly need to consider upgrading or replacing it for these important reasons.

When a surge happens, the safety switch is triggered and gives you the ability to restore power when necessary.  This is a feature that is not present in old switchboards. An electrical safety switch is an essential part of modern day switchboards.

Our houses these days rely on many more appliances, smart devices and electronics to run than they ever did in the past. With our need for computers, air conditioners, TV’s, mircowaves, stoves/ovens, smart devices, stereos and more, it is crucial that your switchboard is able to handle the amount of electricity needed by the house. Symptoms of an insufficient power supply can be iscolated power outages and flickering lights.

Lastly but certainly most importantly older switchboards have a greater chance to short-circuit, which means this could pose the risk of the fuses catching fire or worse electric shocks. If your present switchboard still uses replaceable wires on the fuses, and has never been services or looked at then it is a safety hazard and needs to be replaced.

A replacement of your switchboard if old enough is really an investment in your home and family’s safety. We recommend you get an assessment done on your current switchboard as soon as possible. Don’t leave it too late to replace your ageing switchboard and get an assessment done today.

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