Ceiling Fans

Are you looking to cool down a room with the air flow provided by a ceiling fan? They can be a cheaper alternative to installing and running an air conditioner, but installing ceiling fans can be difficult and dangerous. Not only are the large and awkward to handle, but if not mounted correctly they could simple break off the roof and cause harm. Don’t take the risk and do it yourself.

Installing ceiling fans requires proper understanding of the circuitry leading into the room where you want the fan installed. You need to measure everything up, and potentially access the roof to see that there are no problems that could hinder the wiring or cause fires. Once everything is tested you must cut a hole in the roof, and ensure you can connect the fan and the lights up safely before operation.

To install a ceiling fan might seem like an easy job, however your should always consult a qualified professional Electrician first. If you would like a ceiling fan installed promptly around Lara, Geelong or Werribee areas, contact us today.

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